S1E6 Synapse SynFile+ – Supplement


This episode features Synapse SynFile+, originally released in 1983.  There was a second release in 1985 which provided compatability with the XL/XE computers.  Synapse was thrown into financial crisis by Atari after Jack Tramiel took over and refused to pay for 40,000 software units that had been shipped.  Broderbund software bought Synapse in 1984.  As such the 1985 release is sometimes credited as being published by Broderbund/Synapse.

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Box Art

1983 Release:

1983 Box

1985 Release:

1985 Box

Predecessor Ad

This is an ad for FileManager 800, which SynFile+ grew out of.


Synapse FileManager 800 Ad

Synapse SynFile+ in Action


Main Title booted on an 800 (1983 release):

Main Title


Boot Error when cartridge is inserted or memory requirements are not met:

Boot Error


Main Title booted on 130XE (Copyright says 1983, version is 1.02, and supports XE memory footprint.  Should be 1985, unless this is an interim release, or the copyright update was missed):




Files Menu:

Files Menu


Records Menu:

Records Menu


Reports Menu:

Reports Menu


Create Database

Create Menu:

Create Form 1

The SynFile+ option reloads the main SynFile+ program.


Adding Field, Selecting Type :

Create Form 2



Form completed:

Create Form 3


Altering a field type. Note placement of cursor, then press RETURN.  This screenshot is from the EDIT FORM, but it works the same during CREATE:

Create Form 4


Defining a lookup table for lookup fields:

Create Form 5


Open File

Opening a database:

Open 1


Defining the initial index after opening.  This will only happen the first time a new database is opened, after that you use the RE-INDEX option from the RECORDS menu:

Open 2 Index




Database Status showing name, index definition, number of records, and maximum number of records:

Open 3 Summary



Database Status after entering 104 records and altering the index.  This screenshot is where I realized something was wrong with the database.  It’s only reflecting 46 records.

File ReIndex



Error during input (invalid entry for lookup field):

Input Error


Error during record save.  This is where my database got corrupted and ultimately caused me to have the first 58 records zero’d out:

Error File


Setting a retrieval filter:

Retrieve Filter



Using LISTS you enter all fields on one line:

Report LISTS


Using LABELS you have more flexibility but still not enough:




The tutorial disk requires BASIC cartridge be inserted.  It walks you through the basic of databases through creating reports with a lot of explanation.

The main menu:

Tutor 1


The start of the Database Introduction section:

Tutorial 2


Report Output

Without Totals

Here is a sample report as printed to the printer, this one without column totals:

Atari 8 Software

RelYear RelMonth Publisher                Title
------- -------- ------------------------ --------------------------

                 Sierra On-Line           Homeword                   
                 Alpha Systems            MagniPrint                 
                 tmq Software, Inc        File-Fax DBMS              
                 Alpha Systems            MagniPrint II              
1980             Atari                    Graph It                   
1980             Atari                    Mailing List               
1980    03       LJK Enterprises          Letter Perfect             
1981    03       Swifty Software, Inc     File It                    
1981    03       Atari                    General Ledger             
1981    03       CE Software              Letter Writer              
1981    03       Magic Lantern            Mail List                  
1981    05       Swifty Software, Inc     File It 2                  
1981    07       Dynacomp, Inc            Mail List 2.2              
1981    08       Computer Age Software    InfoFile                   
1981    10       PMS                      General Ledger             
1981    11       Synapse Software         File Manager 800           
1982             Atari                    Home Filing Manager        
1982    01       Artworx                  Form Letter System         
1982    01       Artworx                  Mail List 3.0              
1982    03       Atari                    Home Accounting System     
1982    06       Creative Software        Home Inventory             
1982    06       Creative Software        Household Finance          
1982    06       The Computer Seen SW     Inventory Control          
1982    06       Creative Software        Loan Analyzer              
1982    09       Swifty Software, Inc     File It C                  
1982    09       Acorn Software Products  Language Teacher           
1982    11       A Bit Better Software    Magic Mail                 
1983    05       Financial Software Plus  Inventory                  
1983    09       SIM Computer Products    Home-Calc                  
1983    11       Soft Sectre              Homebase                   
1984    07       non-standard MAGIC!      Lister Plus                
1984    10       Sierra On-Line           Homeword Filer             
1984    10       Sierra On-Line           Homeword Speller           
1984    12       Batteries Included       HomeFind                   
1984    12       Batteries Included       HomePak                    
1984    12       Batteries Included       HomeTerm                   
1984    12       Batteries Included       HomeText                   
1985    06       Artworx                  Linkword Language Spanish  
1985    06       Artworx                  Linkword Language German   
1985    06       Artworx                  Linkword Language German   
1985    06       Artworx                  Linkword Language French   
1985    08       Kidstuff Software        Home Base                  
1985    11       Tri Micro                Home Office                
1986    02       Royal Software           Inventory Master           
1987    02       XLEnt Software           First XLEnt Word Processor 
1987    09       Intellicreations         Graphics Companion I       

With Totals


Type           Title                    Price
-------------- ------------------------ ------

Word Processor Atari Word Processor     149.95 
Word Processor AtariWriter Plus           0.00 
Word Processor AtariWriter 80             0.00 
Word Processor AtariWriter C              0.00 
Word Processor AtariWriter A             79.95 
       Utility Calculator                29.95 
     Education Conversational French     59.95 
      Database Data Perfect              99.95 
       Utility Decision Maker            15.95 
       Finance Family Finances           49.95 
Word Processor First XLEnt Word Proc.    29.95 
Word Processor Letter Perfect           149.00 
           PIM Mailing List              19.95 
     Education MasterType Improved       39.95 
     Education MasterType                39.95 
       Utility Print Plus                29.95 
     Education States & Capitols         14.95 
      Database SynFile+                  44.95 
           PIM Timewise                   0.00 
   Spreadsheet VisiCalc                 199.95 
-------------- ------------------------ ------


Command Cheat Sheet

Download PDF: Cheat Sheet


Show Links:


Bit Rating 5


Intro music is an excerpt from a chip tune by Wizwars named 8 Bit Raceway.  It is used under Creative Common license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States.

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