S1E12 LJK Data Perfect – Supplement


This episode features Data Perfect, originally released in 1982 by LJK Enterprises.

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Media Scans

Cover of the spiral bound manual:

LJK Data Perfect Manual Cover


Advertisement from September 1983 issue of A.N.A.L.O.G..  The same ad runs again in the February 1985 issue.

LJK Data Perfect Analog September 1983 Ad


Data Perfect in Action


At boot, entering the date (format MM/DD/YY):

LJK Data Perfect Boot


Main Menu:

LJK Data Perfect Main Menu


Load Database

Source disk verification:

LJK Data Perfect Load Source


Acknowledge database being loaded:

LJK Data Perfect Load Acknowledge


Loaded database summary including number of fields, record length, number of records, dates, and number of formulas:

LJK Data Perfect Load Summary


Create Database

Initial creation pre-populates a key field:

LJK Data Perfect Create 1


Field Definition:

LJK Data Perfect Create 2


After Quitting form (screen mask) definition, the edit/form menu is displayed:

LJK Data Perfect Create 3


Entering default values for any fields needing them:

LJK Data Perfect Create 4


Acknowledging the new database structure:

LJK Data Perfect Create 5


Final acknowledgement of new database statistics:

LJK Data Perfect Create 6


File Maintenance


LJK Data Perfect File Maintenance Menu


Adding or Editing a record:

LJK Data Perfect Add/Edit Record


Search step 1 – Search By field selection:

LJK Data Perfect Search 1


Search step 2 – Criteria definition (note use of fore/aft wildcards):

LJK Data Perfect Search 2


Total function:

LJK Data Perfect File Maintenance Total




LJK Data Perfect Utilities Menu


Pack Results:

LJK Data Perfect Pack Results


View Format screen 1:

LJK Data Perfect View Format 1


View Format screen 2:

LJK Data Perfect View Format 2


Reformat (database structure modification); works just like create:

LJK Data Perfect Reformat



LJK Data Perfect Reports Menu


Create step 1 – Printer width:

LJK Data Perfect Report Create step 1


Create step 2 – Printer initialization string (format decimal,decimal,decimal…):

LJK Data Perfect Report Create step 2


Create step 3 – Level break definition (up to 4 deep):

LJK Data Perfect Report Create step 3


Create step 4 – Header definition.  You can move between step 4 and 5 freely by moving the cursor up/down the data area.  The top 7 lines are the header.  The bottom 3 are the record details:

LJK Data Perfect Report Create step 4


Create step 5 – Detail (record) definition:

LJK Data Perfect Report Create step 5



The disk is not a standard DOS format, it is a proprietary DOS developed by LJK which was also used for Letter Perfect.


Print Output

Utility View Format:


Report Print List:


Report Print Record:




There are too many commands to record in a cheat sheet.  The program is difficult to use without reading at least the tutorial section of the manual.  Please review the official manual.


Show Links:


Bit Rating 6

Intro music is an excerpt from a chip tune by Wizwars named 8 Bit Raceway.  It is used under Creative Common license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States.

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