S1E13 APX Home Inventory – Supplement


This episode features Home Inventory, originally released in 1983 by APX.  It was developed by RLM Micro Systems.  It was programmed by Ronald and Lynn Marcuse, Atari Star Award of Merit winners of January 1982.

Podcast: Download

Media Scans

APX Summer 1983:

APX Home Inventory Ad


Manual Cover:

APX Home Inventory Manual Cover


Home Inventory in Action

Boot & Menu

Boot Splash:

APX Home Inventory Boot Splash


Boot Error:

APX Home Inventory Boot Error


Main Menu:

APX Home Inventory Main Menu


Insert Data disk 1:

APX Home Inventory Insert Data DIsk


Insert Data disk 2 (if second drive was detected):

APX Home Inventory Insert Data disk 2


Format Data disk (if Home Inventory format not detected):

APX Home Inventory Format Data Disk


Add Data

Input for used for add and edit.  Field names and lengths are non customizable:
APX Home Inventory Add Form


Input form filled in:

APX Home Inventory Add with Data


Input form showing field extents:

APX Home Inventory Add Form Extents

Retrieve Data


APX Home Inventory Retrieve Menu


Inquiry/Update – Lookup form:

APX Home Inventory Inquiry 1


Inquiry/Update – Record detail:

APX Home Inventory Inquiry 2


Inquiry/Update – Update record:

APX Home Inventory Inquiry Update


Inquiry/Update – Delete record:

APX Home Inventory Inquiry Delete



APX Home Inventory Retrieve Browse


Print Data


APX Home Inventory Print Menu


All Records (see the Print Output section for the report):

APX Home Inventory Print All Records



Home Inventory uses Atari DOS 2.0s.  The contents of the program disk can be seen in this screenshot:

APX Home Inventory Program Files


Data files directory.  The format is proprietary or at least the VTOC (volume table of contents) is not in the standard location:

APX Home Inventory Data Files


The program files are:

  • LOGO is the RLM Micro Systems splash screen that is displayed briefly at boot.
  • MAIN is the Home Inventory program.
  • AUTORUN.SYS is the auto run file that executes LOGO.
  • DISKNAME.DAT contains pertinent program information such as the version, part number, developer, and release date:

APX Home Inventory Diskname.dat


Print all records:


Print all records of single type:




Show Links:



Intro music is an excerpt from a chip tune by Wizwars named 8 Bit Raceway.  It is used under Creative Common license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States.

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