S1E15 Futurehouse The Color Accountant – Supplement


This episode features The Color Accountant, originally released in 1981 by FutureHouse.  It was developed by Programmers Institute and written by Andrew A. Hock.

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Box and Supplement Scans

Neither the box nor the manual could be located.



From Compute! September 1982:



The Color Accountant in Action

At boot …

Future Accountant Disk 1 Boot Splash


Disk 1 Menu:

Future Accountant Disk 1 Menu


Disk 2 Boot Splash:

Future Accountant Disk 2 Boot Splash


Disk 2 Menu:

Future Accountant Disk 2 Menu


Disk 1 Module 1 – Chart Of Accounts

Module Loading:

Futurehouse Chart of Accounts Load


Main menu:

Future house Chart Of Accounts menu


Add/Change/Delete Accounts menu:

Futurehouse Chart Of Accounts ACD Menu


Add Account:

Futurehouse Chart Of Accounts Add


Change Account:

Futurehouse Chart Of Accounts Change


Delete Account:

Futurehouse Chart Of Accounts Delete


Chart Of Accounts menu:

Futurehouse Chart Of Accounts COA Menu


Print (screen):

Futurehouse Chart Of Accounts Print


Disk 1 Module 2 – Checkbook Maintenance

Loading screen:

Futurehouse Checkbook Maintenance Load


Main menu:

Futurehouse Checkbook Maintenance Menu


New Checkbook / Month:

Futurehouse Checkbook Maintenance New


Check entry form (note running totals at bottom):

FutureHouse Checkbook Maintenance Entry


Balance – Clearing (canceling) checks:

Futurehouse Checkbook Balance Clearing


Balance (result):

Futurehouse Checkbook Balance Result


Disk 1 Module 3 – Checkbook Search

Load screen:

Futurehouse Checkbook Search Load


Main menu:

Futurehouse Checkbook Search Menu


Search results (browse):

Futurehouse Checkbook Search Browse


Disk 1 Module 4 – Home Budget Analysis

Load screen:

Futurehouse Home Budget Analysis Load


Main menu:

Futurehouse Home Budget Analysis Menu


File Maintenance menu.  For any menu that has this menu, this is where you will need to load your data at the start of the module and save your data when you are done with the module:

Futurehouse Home Budget Analysis File Menu


File Source menu (when loading).  Seems wasteful and irritatingly un-necessary:

Futurehouse Home Budget Analysis File Source Menu


Build menu:

Futurehouse Home Budget Analysis Build Menu


Build Budget Add Item:

Futurehouse Home Budget Analysis Build Budget Add


Build Budget Change Item:

Futurehouse Home Budget Analysis Build Budget Change


Build Budget Delete Item:

Futurehouse Home Budget Analysis Build Budget Delete Item


Analyze Budget:

Futurehouse Home Budget Analysis Analyze


Disk 1 Module 5 – Appointment Calendar

Load screen:

Futurehouse Appointment Calendar


Main menu:

Futurehouse Appointment Calendar Menu


File Maintenance menu:

Futurehouse Appointment Calendar File Maintenance menu


Add/Change/Delete/Print menu (print makes more sense at the main menu, but it’s here):

Futurehouse Appointment Calendar ACD Menu


Change Appointment:

Futurehouse Appointment Calendar Change Entry


Print Appointment Summary menu:

Futurehouse Appointment Calendar Print Menu


Print Summary (to screen):

Futurehouse Appointment Calendar Print Summary


Check Appointments (select date or date range):

Futurehouse Appointment Calendar Check Appt 1


Check Appointments (result):

Futurehouse Appointment Calendar Check Appt 2


Disk 2 Module 1 – Payment Calendar

This module is a virtual clone of the Appointment module.  The only difference being Bills verses Appointments and a couple of field name changes.

Load screen:

Futurehouse Payment Calendar Load


Main menu:

Futurehouse Payment Calendar Menu


Disk 2 Module 2 – Net Worth / Income Statement

Load screen:

Futurehouse Net Worth Load


Main menu:

Futurehouse Net Worth Menu


File Maintenance menu:

Futurehouse Net Worth File Maintenance Menu


Pre-Statement Maintenance menu:

Futurehouse Net Worth Pre Statement Maintenance Menu


Print Net Worth Statement:

Futurehouse Net Worth Statement


Print Income/Expense Statement:

Futurehouse Net Worth Income Expense Report


Disk 2 Module 3 – Color Graph

Load screen:

Futurehouse Color Graph Load


Main menu:

Futurehouse Color Graph Menu


Menu item 5 – Check Summary Accounts:


Futurehouse Color Graph Check Summary


Menu item 6 – Graph Budgeted Items:

Futurehouse Color Graph Budget


Disk 2 Module 4 – Mailing List

Load screen:

Futurehouse Mailing List Load



Main menu:

Futurehouse Mailing List Menu


Add/Chance/Delete menu:

Futurehouse Mailing List ACD Menu


Add entry:

Futurehouse Mailing List Add Item


Change entry:

Futurehouse Mailing List Chance Item


Delete entry:

Futurehouse Mailing List Delete Item


Print will first ask you for search criteria:

Futurehouse Mailing List Search


Print results:

Futurehouse Mailing List Print Result


Disk 2 Module 5 – Decision Maker

Load screen:

Futurehouse Decision Maker Load


Select decision type:



Enter list items, importance, and relevance.  Relevance is repeated until all combinations are exhausted or you are satisfied with a result set:

Futurehouse Decision Maker List 1

Futurehouse Decision Maker List 2

Futurehouse Decision Maker List 3

Futurehouse Decision Maker List 4

Futurehouse Decision Maker List 5

Futurehouse Decision Maker List 6

Futurehouse Decision Maker List 7

Futurehouse Decision Maker List 8

Futurehouse Decision Maker List 9


List result:

Futurehouse Decision Maker List Result


Yes/No Result:

Futurehouse Decision Maker Yes No Result




The Color Accountant uses Atari DOS 2.0.  The contents of the disk can be seen in this screenshot:

Futurehouse Color Accountant Files



Print Chart Of Accounts:


Print Check Book:


Print Check Search Browse:


Print Mailing List:


Print Appointment Calendar (Payment Calendar produces nearly identical results):




If you find one, let me know.


Show Links:

  • Inverse ATASCII Chapterized AAC Test for Episode 13: https://inverseatascii.files.wordpress.com/2015/03/s1e13enhanced (dot) m4a

Copy and paste, then replace ” (dot) ” with “.”.

I did this as some players were picking up the S1E13 chapterized AAC up as S1E15 media.


Bit Rating 4


Intro music is an excerpt from a chip tune by Wizwars named 8 Bit Raceway.  It is used under Creative Common license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States.

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