S1E16 Atari Timewise – Supplement


This episode features Timewise, originally released in 1982 by Atari.  It bears a striking resemblance in appearance and usage to APX Weekly Planner (episode 7).  I believe it was developed by RLM Micro Systems (Ronald and Lynn Marcuse) and is likely the natural evolvement of Weekly Planner.

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Box and Supplement Scans

Scan of the front of the box:

Atari Timewise Box Front

Scan of the back of the box:

Atari Timewise Box Back


Atari Timewise in Action


Atari Timewise Boot Splash


Booting without BASIC installed yields a nice warning:

Atari Timewise Boot Error


Booting from single drive, swap diskette:

Atari Timewise Boot 1 Drive


Booting from dual drive, insert diskette:

Atari Timewise Boot 2 Drives


Checking data diskette format:

Atari Timewise Check Disk Format


Main Menu (asking for date):

Atari Timewise Menu Ask Date


Main Menu:

Atari Timewise Main Menu



End Session:

Atari Timewise End Session


Module 1 – List Current Appointments

The List Appointments menu:

Atari Timewise List Appointments Menu


Option 1 – Today’s Appointments

You can only list appointments for the current day (date entered at program boot), but you can choose which person:

Atari Timewise List Todays Appointments 1


Output of list todays appointments:

Atari Timewise List Todays Appointments 2


Option 2 – Display Appointment List

Entering search criteria:


Atari Timewise Display Appointment 1


Results of the search:

Atari Timewise Display Appointment 2


Option 3 – Print Appointment List

Before the first print operation from any module or sub option you’re asked if you have a 40 column printer.  This is remembered until you reboot:

Atari Timewise List Print Printer


Before printing appointments, you’re asked if you want to print blank forms:

Atari Timewise List Print Blank Question


If you opt to print bank forms, you enter the date range and select if you want 12 hour or 24 hour formats:

Atari Timewise List Print Blank


If you opt to print non-blank forms (normal), you enter the date range, person, and type of appointment.  Wildcards supported in all fields:

Atari Timewise List Print Normal

Module 2 – Monthly Calendar

The monthly calendar menu:

Atari Timewise Monthly Calendar Menu


Option 1 – Display

Enter month and year to display:

Atari Timewise Display Cal 1


Calendar is displayed.  Days with ** have appointments.  Enter a day number to see details:

Atari Timewise Display Cal 2


Details (appointments) for single day:

Atari Timewise Display Cal 3


Option 2 – Print

When printing blank forms you are asked for the month and year to print:

Atari Timewise Print Blank


When printing non-blank forms you are asked for the month and year, and the person.  Wildcard is supported in the Person field:

Atari Timewise Print Normal


Module 3 – Add New Appointments

There is no menu, you are dumped right into editing a new record (appointment).  You are given the syntax for each input field as you move through the form:

Atari Timewise Add New Appointment 1


A completed input form asking for confirmation the data is OK:

Atari Timewise Add New Appointment 2

Module 4 – Inquire/Update Appointments

The Inquire / Update menu:

Atari Timewise Inquire Update Menu


Option 1 – Inquiry

Entering search criteria for the inquiry.  Wildcards supported:

Atari Timewise Inquiry 1


Results from the inquiry:

Atari Timewise Inquiry 2


Option 2 – Update / Delete

After entering the search criteria (similar to above), you are shown each match in succession.  You have option to Update or Delete.  Update works like editing a new record:

Atari Timewise Update Delete


Option 3 – Browse

After entering the search criteria (similar to above), you are shown the list of matches:

Atari Timewise Browse

Module 5 – File Maintenance

File Maintenance menu:

Atari Timewise File Maintenance Menu


Option 2 – File Compression

The menu item shows the current number of records.  Entering month and year here will purge all records before this date:

Atari Timewise File Maint Compress




Atari Timewise appears to use Atari DOS 2.0.  It uses a custom VTOC though.

Program Disk

The contents of the program disk:

Atari Timewise Program Disk Contents


Data Disk

The contents of the data disk:

Atari Timewise Data Disk Contents


List Print 80 Column:


List Print 40 Column:


List Print 80 Column Blank:


List Print 40 Column Blank:


Calendar Print 80 Column:


Calendar Print 40 Column:


Calendar Print 80 Column Blank:


Calendar Print 40 Column Blank:




Scanned Manual download


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Bit Rating 6

Intro music is an excerpt from a chip tune by Wizwars named 8 Bit Raceway.  It is used under Creative Common license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States.

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