S1E20 DataSoft Spell Wizard – Supplement

This episode features Spell Wizard, originally released in 1982 by DataSoft.  It was developed by Special Software Systems.  It was programmed by Phillip Dennis and David Selenkow.

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Box and Supplement Scans

This is the only image I could find.  It is unknown if it is the box front or the manual cover:



Spell Wizard in Action

When booting it will detect if there are multiple drives. If there are, you instructed to put the dictionary disk in drive 1 and your data disk in drive 2:

DataSoft Spell Wizard Boot Drives


Main Menu:

DataSoft Spell Wizard Main Menu


Function 1 – Proof A Document

1. Select the file to proof from the data disk.  Enter the name:

DataSoft Spell Wizard Proof 1


2. The document is read and analyzed.  A summary is given and you are prompted to check user dictionaries.  Answering Y will allow you to specify one or more user dictionaries:

DataSoft Spell Wizard Proof 2


2A. Searching with a user defined dictionary.  This can be repeated for as many dictionaries as you like.  First insert the user dictionary disk (standard DOS 2 format):

DataSoft Spell Wizard Proof User 1


2B. Searching with a user defined dictionary.  Next enter the name of the dictionary to search:

DataSoft Spell Wizard Proof User 2


3.  Now you are asked if you want to correct words.  Selecting N will return to the main menu:

DataSoft Spell Wizard Proof 3


4. Document proofing begins. Mis-spelled words are highlighted with surrounding text shown for context.  You are given the option to continue the scan (effectively ignoring the spelling), correcting the spelling, or searching the dictionary (useful if you don’t know how to spell the word):

DataSoft Spell Wizard Proof 5a


4A. Choosing to correct a word you enter the new spelling, then approve the correction:

DataSoft Spell Wizard Proof 5b


5. When proofing is complete you have the option to have it write the changes to disk, thus committing the corrected document:

DataSoft Spell Wizard Proof 5c


6. Any words that were skipped can now be added to a user dictionary if you want:

DataSoft Spell Wizard Proof 5d


6A.  When adding words to a user dictionary you have to option to verify which words are actually added on per word basis.  Choosing N adds them all:

DataSoft Spell Wizard Proof 5e


6B. When adding words to a user dictionary with verification each word to be added will be confirmed by you.  Enter Y to add it:

DataSoft Spell Wizard Proof 5f


6C. When adding words to a user dictionary you need to insert the disk with the user dictionary on it (or a blank one):

DataSoft Spell Wizard Proof 5g


6D. When adding words to a user dictionary it will show the files on the dictionary disk.  Enter the name of an existing user dictionary file, or a new name:

DataSoft Spell Wizard Proof 5h


7. If there were no errors during proofing, it will tell you.  Press RETURN to return to the main menu:

DataSoft Spell Wizard Proof No Errors


Function 2 – Print Dictionary

This works basically like search, with the exception that the results are dumped to the printer as well.  First enter your search term:

DataSoft Spell Wizard Print 1


Next the match or matches are displayed, as well as the dump to the printer:

DataSoft Spell Wizard Print 2


Function 3 – Search Dictionary

Entering a search term:

DataSoft Spell Wizard Search 1


If the term is not found, it will tell you that:

DataSoft Spell Wizard Search 2 N


If the term is found, it will show the word, and the count of matched words (not really useful for single matches):

DataSoft Spell Wizard Search Y S


If the term is found and there are multiple matches, the count of matched words is shown as well as each possible match.  If there are more than 5 results they are scrolled through the small result section.  The scrolling can be paused:

DataSoft Spell Wizard Search Y M


Function 4 – Exit Spell Wizard

When choosing exit, you are prompted to insert the “Word Processor” disk and press RETURN.  This boots the disk in the drive.  Feel free to use the word processor of your choice.  You are not limited to Letter Wizard or Text Wizard:

DataSoft Spell Wizard Exit




Spell Wizard uses Atari DOS 2.0.  The contents of the boot disk cannot be seen.  The contents of your data disk and dictionary disk can.  Note the user dictionary “USERWADE” being dumped.  Dictionaries will be alphabetized:

DataSoft Spell Wizard Files User


Print dictionary output (multiple matches):




Scanned Manual: None found!  If you have the stand alone manual, not the section included with Letter Wizard, please consider scanning it.  Or contact me via email and we can arrange to have it scanned for preservation.


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Intro music is an excerpt from a chip tune by Wizwars named 8 Bit Raceway.  It is used under Creative Common license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States.

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