S2E04 Atari Home Filing Manager

This episode features Home Filing Manager, originally released in 1982 by Atari.

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Box and Supplement Scans

Scan of the front of the revised box:

Home Filing Manager Revised Box Front


Scan of the back of the revised box:

Home Filing Manager Revised Box Back


Scan of the front of the original box (from AtariMania):

Home Filing Manager Original Box Front


Scan of the back of the original box (from AtariMania):

Home Filing Manager Original Box Back


Home Filing Manager in Action

The boot splash:

Home Filing Manager Boot Splash


Don’t try to boot the data disk.  There is at least a stub of code to let you know what you’ve done wrong:

Home Filing Manager Boot Data


If there is only 1 drive present and turned on, you are prompted to insert the data diskette in drive 1:

Home Filing Manager Boot Insert Data 1


If there is a 2nd drive present and turned on, you are prompted to insert the data diskette in drive 2:

Home Filing Manager Boot Insert Data 2


Data Disk Initialization

If you do not insert a disk with valid Home Filing Manager data, you are presented with this initialization menu which is a subset of the main menu.  You must prepare a diskette before you can use the program, or have a valid one inserted when it requests the data diskette:

HFM Init Disk Menu



When selecting PREPARE AND FORMAT, you are prompted for confirmation:

HFM Prep Disk Confirm



After formatting, you give it a name:

HFM Init Data Disk Name



The SWITCH menu option presents this confirmation:

HFM Init Data Swap



When choosing QUIT from the menu, it goes here.  Time for a reboot.

HFM Init Quit


Main Menu

This is the main program menu.  Instead of single word choices, entire phrases are your options:

Home Filing Manager Main Menu


LOOK AT first card

Adding a card presents a blank one.  The title line (red) will be indexed:

HTM Look 1


Finishing an Add by completing the data:

HFM Look Add


Using Add to create an index card.  This is achieved by placing a ! at the start of the title line:

HFM Index Template


Invoking EDIT on the currently displayed card and adding to it:

HFM Look Edit


Erasing a card.  Note the confirmation:

HFM Look Erase


Copy a card by navigating to the card you want to copy then selecting COPY:

HFM Look Copy


Editing the copied card:

HFM Look Copy 2


GETting a card pulls up the next in the index based on the sort order A->Z or Z->A:

HFM Look Get


LISTing a card is the only way to print it.  Use SHIFT when choosing to only list the title:

HFM Look List


FETCH a card by title

Searches the card titles only (red line) for your input.  First enter what you want to find:

HFM Fetch Input


Matching cards are marked with a paperclip on the left:

HFM Fetch 2


MARK AND LOOK at cards by phrase

Marking cards by matching any content on them with your input.  First enter the search term:

HFM Mark Input 1


Watch the number of marks (matches) rise and the number of cards left to search change:

HTM Mark Input 2


After marking is done, you are placed in the Look view at the first mark (match).  Notice the paperclip:

HFM Mark 3


Navigate to the next mark by using Find:

HFM Mark 4



See the PREPARE AND FORMAT option above under DATA DISK INITIALIZATION.  Well, if you must see it, it really is the same except the menu has other options.  Also note, it shows you the name of the currently open card deck at the top:

HFM Format Confirm


SWITCH data diskettes

See the SWITCH option above under DATA DISK INITIALIZATION



See the QUIT option above under DATA DISK INITIALIZATION




Home Filing Manager uses a single density DOS, presumably Atari DOS 2.0.  The contents of the program and data disk are masked by a hidden VTOC.  Program disk:

Home Filing Manager Program Disk VTOC


Data disk:

Home Filing Manager Data Disk VTOC


Directory and DOS on the cracked version:

Home Filing Manager Cracked Disk Contents



List a card:


List multiple cards:


List multiple titles:



Community Print Utility

It first wants the a data disk, only drive 1 is supported:

HFM ComPrint 1


If you fail to supply a valid data disk, you are warned and given another opportunity:

HFM ComPrint2


If you succeed, you get the main menu:

HFM ComPrint Menu


Show Links:


Bit Rating 5

Intro music is an excerpt from a chip tune by Wizwars named 8 Bit Raceway.  It is used under Creative Common license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States.

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