S2EB2 Hi Tech Expressions HeartWare – Supplement

This episode features HeartWare, originally released in 1986 by Hi Tech Expressions.  It was developed by Comware and authored by Joe Suarez.

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Box and Supplement Scans

Packages are extremely hard to find.  I did find a couple of photos:

HeartWare package 1



HeartWare package 2


Review found in the Chicago Tribune on February 13, 1987 by Steven Kosek:

HeartWare Review

HeartWare in Action

Animated boot splash:

HeartWare Boot 1


As animation draws to a close:

HeartWare Boot 2


Main Menu

Graphical menu with 3 simple options:

HeartWare main menu


Option 1 – Animated Friendship Greeting

Enter a message:

HeartWare Message


Then listen to the music and watch the animation:

HeartWare Anim 1

HeartWare Anim 2

HeartWare Anim 3

HeartWare Anim 4

HeartWare Anim 5

HeartWare Anim 6

HeartWare Anim 7

HeartWare Anim 8

HeartWare Anim 9

HeartWare Anim 10

HeartWare Anim 11

HeartWare Anim 12

HeartWare Anim 13

HeartWare Anim 14

HeartWare Anim 15

HeartWare Anim 16


Option 2 – Greeting Card Printer

First, enter a message:

HeartWare Message


Select the style of card to print (full page or quarter page):

HeartWare Print Style


Select the scene (full page):

HeartWare Scene


Select the scene (quarter page):

HeartWare Scene Quarter


Get the printer ready:

HeartWare Ready Printer


Printing full page graphic 1:

HeartWare Full 1


Printing full page graphic 2:

HeartWare Full 2


Printing full page graphic 3:

HeartWare Full 3


Printing quarter page graphic 1:

HeartWare Quarter 1


Printing quarter page graphic 2:

HeartWare Quarter 2


Printing quarter page graphic 3:

HeartWare Quarter 3


Printing quarter page graphic 4:

HeartWare Quarter 4


Option 3 – Greeting Disk Maker

First enter your message:

HeartWare Message


Start swapping disks.  This occurs 3 times:

HeartWare Disk 1

HeartWare Disk 2



The disk is single density and has a hidden VTOC, with a message in the DOS VTOC:

HeartWare Files



Full page graphic 1:


Full page graphic 2:


Full page graphic 3:


Quarter page graphic 1:


Quarter page graphic 2:


Quarter page graphic 3:


Quarter page graphic 4:




Ha, what instructions.  Instructions were not Hi Tech Expressions strong suit.


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Intro music is an excerpt from a chip tune by Wizwars named 8 Bit Raceway.  It is used under Creative Common license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States.

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