S2E16 Allen Macroware PrintWiz – Supplement


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This episode features PrintWiz, originally released in 1983 by Allen Macroware.  It was developed by Jerry Allen.


Box and Supplement Scans

No boxes to scan, only the manual, which can be found on AtariMania.

Ad from Antic March 1985:

PrintWiz Ad


PrintWiz in Action

PrintWiz boots straight into a menu.  Choose your printer:

PrintWiz boot


Jumping to DOS from BASIC puts you in the mini DOS:

PrintWiz MiniDOS


Using the Hex to Dec, and Dec to Hex routines from the Mini DOS.  Everything else works as you would expect it to:

PrintWiz Hex Convert


CAL Program

Running the CAL program after loading a custom font:

PrintWiz Cal 1


Once displayed you can use the keystroke combo to dump the screen to the printer:

PrintWiz Cal 2


CMDSHT Program

This does one thing – prints the command reference sheet. Follow the directions:

PrintWiz Cmd 1


Look familiar?

PrintWiz Cmd 2


CONFIG Program

Displaying the configuration options:

PrintWiz Config


LABLER Program

Follow the instructions to non stop print the same label:

PrintWiz Label 1


The label is displayed, and printing continues until interrupted:

PrintWiz Label 2


LISTER Program

Follow the directions:

PrintWiz Lister 1


Choose the printer type:

PrintWiz Lister 2


Put your data disk in:

PrintWiz Lister 3


Enter the file to be printed:

PrintWiz Lister 4


Choose the output format:

PrintWiz Lister 5


Decide if you want to do another or exit:

PrintWiz Lister 6


The program I listed produces the following screen when run:

PrintWiz Lister Out


GRLOD Program

When the GRLOD program is run, it automatically loads HAT.DAT.  You can alter to load whatever file you want.  Use the keystroke combo to dump the screen to the printer:

PrintWiz GRLoad




PrintWiz uses a proprietary Mini DOS.  The contents of the disk can be seen in this screenshot:

PrintWiz Files

Notice the sector free count is a lie.  This program is copy protected.



CAL output:


CAL output with inverse printing:


CMDSHT output:


LABLER output:


LISTER output (40 columns):


LISTER output (40 columns condensed):


LISTER output (80 columns):


GRLOD output (HAT):


GRLOD output (HAT) in inverse:



The rest are generic dumps from a MEMO PAD display I created:

PrintWiz IA Art


Generic dump (normal pitch):


Generic dump (normal pitch, centered):


Generic dump (normal pitch, double height):


Generic dump (double pitch):


Generic dump (double pitch, double height):


Generic dump (triple pitch):


Generic dump (triple pitch, double height):


Generic dump (quad pitch):


Generic dump (quad pitch, double height):



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Bit Rating 8

Intro music is an excerpt from a chip tune by Wizwars named 8 Bit Raceway.  It is used under Creative Common license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States.

One thought on “S2E16 Allen Macroware PrintWiz – Supplement

  1. The MEMO PAD printing is actually a pretty cool feature. You can actually use the MEMO PAD as a memo pad. Imagine that!

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