S2E17 Atari Biorhythm – Supplement

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This episode features Biorhythm, originally released in 1980 by Atari.


Box and Supplement Scans

Scan of the front of the box (the one I fixed until my patience wore out):



Scan of the front of the box (courtesy of Darren Doyle):

Atari Biorhythm v2


Biorhythm in Action

Boot splash:

Biorhythm Boot



This title only has the following menu options which are to ask if you want instructions, and if you want a hardcopy:

Biorhythm 2

Biorhythm 0 3


8K Version


Biorhythm 1 3

Biorhythm 8 1 4

Biorhythm 8 1 5

Biorhythm 8 1 6

Biorhythm 8 1 7

Biorhythm 8 1 8


Loading main program:

Biorhythm 8 1 9


Output to screen, or screen and printer:

Biorhythm 8 2 1


Entering the birth date:

Biorhythm 8 2 2


Entering the desired month and year:

Biorhythm 8 2 3


The plotting has started.  A small blip tone is made as each day is displayed:

Biorhythm 8 2 4


The completed month.  Notice you only see the last 15 days plotted at any given time:

Biorhythm 8 2 5


16K Version


Biorhythm 16 1 3

Biorhythm 16 1 4

Biorhythm 16 1 5

Biorhythm 16 1 6

Biorhythm 16 1 7


Loading the main program:

Biorhythm 16 1 8


Entering your name:

Biorhythm 16 2 1


Output to screen only, or screen and printer:

Biorhythm 16 2 2


Entering your birth date:

Biorhythm 16 2 3


Entering the desired date range:

Biorhythm 16 2 4


Uh oh, too bad.  This title is not Y2K compliant.  Though this appears to be an input restriction as you can produce post 1999 content with the 8K version:

Biorhythm 16 2 5


The plot has started.  Like the 8K version, a short blip tone is made as each day is displayed:

Biorhythm 16 2 6


The plot is complete:

Biorhythm 16 2 7



Atari Biorhythm output for comparison purposes:



Web based output for comparison purposes:



Output from both aligned for comparison purposes.  The plots are the same:

Biorhythm Comparison



As a cassette program there are no files.  I converted both to SAV and LST formats, and have provided a DOS 2 diskette with the files.  You can download it from the links below.  The contents of my disk are:

  • BIO8K.SAV – 8K version in SAVe format.
  • BIO8K.LST – 8K version in LiST format.
  • BIO16K.SAV – 16K version in SAVe format.
  • BIO16K.LST – 16K version in LiST format.



8K instructions:


8K month plot:


16K instructions:


16K month plot:


16K year plot:



Show Links:


Bit Rating 6

Intro music is an excerpt from a chip tune by Wizwars named 8 Bit Raceway.  It is used under Creative Common license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States.

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