S2EB3 Hi Tech Expressions AwardWare – Supplement

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This episode features AwardWare, originally released in 1986 by Hi Tech Expressions.  It was developed by VENDOR.

Box and Supplement Scans

Scan of the front of the box:

AwardWare Box Front


Scan of the back of the box:

AwardWare Box Back


Target price tag carefully taped on the inside of the box back:

AwardWare Target Price Tag


AwardWare in Action

There are two boot splashes.  Both are animated.  The first fires segments of the AwardWare logo from the left and right launchers:

AwardWare Boot Splash 1


The second does a pixel fade from left to right, starting with a solid box, and revealing the logo:

AwardWare Boot Splash 2


Main menu:

AwardWare Main Menu


Printer Setup

Many of the printer driver files are on the graphic disk.  It must be inserted before you can execute the printer setup:

AwardWare 1 01


Printer Setup main menu:

AwardWare 1 02


Selecting a printer:

AwardWare 1 03


Selecting an interface:

AwardWare 1 04


Select Options menu:

AwardWare 1 05


Select Options Linefeed settings:

AwardWare 1 06


Select Options Printer Device Number settings:

AwardWare 1 07


Select Options Trasparent (not mis-spelled) Secondary Address settings:

AwardWare 1 08


Select Options Slot Number settings:

AwardWare 1 09


Test Print menu:

AwardWare 1 10


Any Character test input screen:

AwardWare 1 11




AwardWare 1 12


PDCS menu:

AwardWare 1 13


PDCS edit options menu:

AwardWare 1 14


PDCS editing the BITS option:

AwardWare 1 15


Quick Award

Layout in the upper left.  Menu on right, currently BORDER is selected:

AwardWare 2 01


Selecting a border to use:

AwardWare 2 02


Selecting a graphic for the top picture:

AwardWare 2 03


Selecting a font for the first text area:

AwardWare 2 04


Entering the text for the first text area:

AwardWare 2 05


Entering the text for the smaller text area below the main text area:

AwardWare 2 06


Selecting the signature type:

AwardWare 2 07


For the left and right signature types, you also select a seal to display:

AwardWare 2 08



Selecting final or draft mode output:

AwardWare 2 09


Rendering and printing.  Renders happen in screen memory, not in a linear or observable fashion:

AwardWare 2 10


Print again?

AwardWare 2 11


Awards & More

Main menu:

AwardWare 3 00 Menu



Entering the template number:

AwardWare 3 2 1


Selecting the element to edit (BORDER currently selected):

AwardWare 3 2 2


Swapping graphic disks when using graphics from multiple disks:

AwardWare 3 2 Disk swap



Entering the template number:

AwardWare 3 3 1


Entering the text for the text border style.  Each line is one border in order (top, bottom, left, right):

AwardWare 3 3 2


Entering text for the title:

AwardWare 3 3 3



Selecting which template element to edit  Currently main text element selected:

AwardWare 3 5 1


Entering text for main text area:

AwardWare 3 5 2


Entering text for placement:

AwardWare 3 5 3


Entering text for year:

AwardWare 3 5 4


Award Disk

Check out this HUGE HUGE CHEAT of a program options.  Just create the award you want and mail the disk to your friend.  Yes, that is the instruction it references in the manual.

AwardWare 4 1



The Exit credits screen, note the copyright is one year different than the box:

AwardWare Exit




AwardWare appears to use Atari DOS 2.0s.  The contents of the disk can be seen in this screenshot:

AwardWare Program Disk

  • DOS.SYS – Underlying DOS
  • AUTORUN.SYS – Main program
  • PDCS.OBJ, PDCS.COM – Printer Driver Construction Set – Print driver utility
  • BLOAD.OBJ – Binary load program
  • PR.COM – Print utility


Graphic Disk as supplied with AwardWare (not all contents can be seen):

AwardWare Graphic Disk 1


Graphic Disk obtained via mail order (not all contents can be seen):

AwardWare Graphic Disk Mail Order


Guesstimates of the file types:

  • Fnn.A – Font data
  • Gnn.A – Template data
  • Xnn.A – Graphic data
  • Maa.A – Menu data
  • .A –
  • END.COM – Exit credits screen
  • Miscellaneous printer driver files



Printer test output 576:


Printer test bit pattern:


Printer test character:


Printer test alternate pins:


Quick Award (center) (draft mode):


Quick Award (left) (draft mode):


Quick Award (right) (draft mode):


Quick Award (title) (draft mode):


Quick Award “Blimey” (draft mode):


Quick Award “Blimey” (final mode):


Award “2016”:


Award (5×7 size):


Award (template 19):


Letterhead (with borders):


Ribbon “Atari 2600 Game By Game Podcast”:



Scanned Manual download:


Atari Reference Sheet download:


Commodore Reference Sheet download:



Show Links:


Bit Rating 6

Intro music is an excerpt from a chip tune by Wizwars named 8 Bit Raceway.  It is used under Creative Common license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States.

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