S2E18 Antic Publishing The Family Tree – Supplement

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This episode features The Family Tree, originally released in 1983 by Antic Publishing.  It was developed by Harry Koons.


Supplement Scans

Advertisement from Antic’s “The Catalog” insert located in the March 1988 issue of Antic magazine:

Family Tree Ad


The Family Tree in Action

At boot …

Family Tree Boot 1

Family Tree Boot 2


After the first program load, you need to insert the data disk.  Make sure its either been used before, or if it’s blank make sure it’s formatted:

Family Tree Load 1

Family Tree Load 2


After the data disk is loaded, the bottom of the tree is displayed.  In this case, an empty data set:

Family Tree Cht 1


Defining the bottom most person or “acorn”.  Acorn is a term I dubbed for the nodes in the tree, and not endorsed by the manual.  This is who the tree is for:

Family Tree Cht 2


Add Person

Defining the father (or any person for that matter) is a four step process:

Family Tree Cht 3 1

Family Tree Cht 3 2

Family Tree Cht 3 3

Family Tree Cht 3 4



This is the only way to save:

Family Tree Cht 4

Family Tree Cht 5


Extended Generation Edit

Moving one of the grandparent “acorns” to the base to work on further extensions of the tree:

Family Tree Cht 6 Gen Shift


Display Information

Displaying data for a person (or “acorn”).  Repeat this four times to see all data:

Family Tree Dis 1

Family Tree Dis 2

Family Tree Dis 3

Family Tree Dis 4


Print Tree

Printing from any of the three print commands.  Each command is for a specific printer:

Family Tree Print 1



The boot screen for the documentation:

Family Tree Doc 1


Choose to print to screen or printer:

Family Tree Doc 2


Printing documentation to the printer:

Family Tree Doc 3

Family Tree Doc 4


Displaying documentation to the screen:

Family Tree Doc Screen



Oops!  An error (in this case unrecoverable due to unformatted disk):

Family Tree Error





The Family Tree uses Atari DOS 2.0.  The contents of the disk can be seen in this screenshot:

Family Tree Files

The files are:

  • DOS.SYS is Atari DOS 2.0s.
  • DUP.SYS is Atari DOS interface.
  • AUTORUN.SYS is the autoloader for the BASIC program file TREE.
  • TREE.PIC is the tree picture used as the interface.
  • A1.DAT is a data file that has the authors family tree present.

On a new empty data disk, only the data files are present:

Family Tree Data File


Dump of the custom data file created for reviewing:

Family Tree Data File Dump



Print for Atari printer using 10 CPI:


Print for Atari printer using proportional font:


Print for Epson printer using 10 CPI:


Print 4 generations for Epson printer:




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 Bit Rating 4
Intro music is an excerpt from a chip tune by Wizwars named 8 Bit Raceway.  It is used under Creative Common license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States.

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