S3E01 – Compute! Scriptor & SpeedScript 3 Supplement

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This episode features Scriptor originally released in 1983, and SpeedScript 3 released in 1985, both by Compute! Publishing.  Both were written by Charles Brannon.


Magazine and Supplement Scans

Scan of the front of the Compute! magazine featuring Scriptor (April 1983):

Scriptor Compute! Cover


Scan of the cover of the Compute! magazine featuring SpeedScript 3 (May 1985):

SpeedScript Compute! Cover


Sample MLX listing from one page of the SpeedScript source:



Scriptor in Action

When running the program it loads the machine language parts of itself into memory in 2 phases.  Each phase the background color changes.  Text colors constantly rotate.  The third phase has a blank screen, during which it deletes the lines of code that contained all the machine language code:

Scriptor boot splash 1

Scriptor boot splash 2


Editor interface, loaded with Atari DOS 2.  Note free memory:

Scriptor Main Atari DOS


Editor interface, loaded with SpartaDOS.  Note free memory:

Scripture Editor SpartaDOS


Error when it isn’t typed in correctly:

Scriptor Typo



Main editing window demonstrating the basic formatting commands:

Scriptor Editing



This allows establishing lines to be block copied or deleted, note gutter on the delete and duplicate operations:

Scriptor Define

Scriptor Dup



Early in program help:

Scriptor Help



Invoking print raises a menu, for (C)ontinuous or (F)ast.  Fast turns off Antic, though the screen remains blue.

Scriptor Print Menu


Printing with Continuous option:

Scriptor Print Continuous


Printing with Fast option:

Scriptor Print Fast


Save / Recall

You must first choose to Save or Recall (load).  Recall will load the document at the cursor location in the current document:

Scriptor Save Load Menu


Enter the filename and optional extension.  It only supports D: (drive 1):

Scriptor Save 1


While saving, not command bar color change:

Scriptor Save 2


Error while saving:

Scriptor Save Error


Mini DOS


Scriptor Mini DOS


Directory, only D: is supported:

Scriptor DOS directory


Lock file, only D: is supported:

Scriptor DOS Lock


Unlock file, only D: supported:

Scriptor DOS Unlock



Scriptor DOS Rename


Scratch (delete) file, as with the others, only D: is supported:

Scriptor DOS Delete


SpeedScript 3 in Action

No splash screens, straight into the program and job of editing:

SpeedScript Main


Don’t like the colors, change them:

SpeedScript Main Custom



Editing, in insert mode.  Note title bar color change:

SpeedScript Editing



Enter the search term:

SpeedScript Find 1


Cursor is moved to the first letter of the search term:

SpeedScript Find 2


To replace, enter new text:

SpeedScript Find 3


Text is replaced and cursor is moved to first position after:

SpeedScript Find 4


Free memory:

SpeedScript Reveal Codes



Specify the filename to save:

SpeedScript Save 1


Status is displayed in command bar after save:

SpeedScript Save 2



Enter the filename to load:

SpeedScript Load 1


File is loaded and status is displayed in command bar:

SpeedScript Load 2



Choosing to print to the printer (P:), or enter a filename:


SpeedScript Print 1


Killing some trees:

SpeedScript Print 2

Mini DOS

Full suite of typical file management related DOS commands is available:

SpeedScript Mini DOS


Example of Rename:

SpeedScript DOS Rename



Sample document from SpeedScript:



Scripture cheat sheet:

Scriptor Cheat


SpeedScript 3 cheat sheet:

Speedscript Cheat


Show Links:


Scriptor rating:




SpeedScript 3 rating:

Bit Rating 8


Intro music is an excerpt from a chip tune by Wizwars named 8 Bit Raceway.  It is used under Creative Common license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States.

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