S3E03 Batteries Included HomePak – Supplement

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This episode features HomePak, originally released in 1984 by Batteries Included.  It was developed by Star Systems Software, Inc., and written by Russ Wetmore.

Box and Supplement Scans

Scan of the front of the folder:

HomePak Front


Scan of the front of the folder inside:

HomePak Front Inside


Scan of the back of the folder:

HomePak Back


Advertisement from January 1985:

HomePak Ad 8501


Another advertisement:

HomePak Ad


Advertisement for Batteries Included, which includes HomePak, from December 2012:

HomePak Ad 8612


HomePak in Action

Main Menu

HomePak Main Menu




HomePak Text Load


Splash banner:

HomePak Text Banner


Editor (empty file, replace mode):

HomePak Text Edit Screen


Editor (full file, typeover mode):

HomePak Text Edit Type


Editor Options popup menu (invoked with OPTION console key):

HomePak Text Options


Function Menu

Function menu:

HomePak Text Menu


Directory listing (of program disk):

HomePak Text Menu Dir


Clear buffer (confirmation):

HomePak Text Menu Clear

HomePak Text Menu Clear 2


Configure printer commands (each commands ON and OFF is asked for, up to 5 sequences in each can be input):

HomePak Text Menu Configure


Load file:

HomePak Text Menu Load


Preview file (file too large – needs 5K of the 6K+ to operate, workaround in the manual):

HomePak Text Preview 1


Preview (single page).  Colors highlight different formats:

HomePak Text Preview 2



HomePak Text Print


Save file:

HomePak Text Save 1

HomePak Text Save 2


Writing the customizations (CTRL-W, not on the menu):

HomePak Text Write Config




HomePak Find Load


Splash banner:

HomePak Find Splash


Creating a new data disk, or selecting a new data disk drive (result of pressing SELECT on previous screen):

HomePak Find New 1

HomePak Find New 2


Whoops, didn’t put the program disk back in the drive:

HomePak Find New 3



Primary user interface.  The top is where output is returned, the bottom is where commands are input:

HomePak Find Edit 1


Entering a new record.  Anything “new” is news to the database.  Add it?  Sure.  This first prompt is the subject of the entered record:

HomePak Find Edit 2


Continuing the entry, this is the prompt for adding a new tag which is the second part of the entered record:

HomePak Find Edit 3


With records in the database, query’s are performed using a similar syntax.  Entering “Who’s Allison” returns all records with subject Allison:

HomePak Find Query 1


Function menu:

HomePak Find Menu


Listing the subjects:

HomePak Find Subjects


Listing the tags:

HomePak Find List Tags




HomePak Term Load


Splash banner:

HomePak Term Splash


Function menu:



Setting the capture file name:

HomePak Term Cap


Clearing the buffer:

HomePak Term Clr Buffer


Setting the delay:

HomePak Term Delay


Setting the timer:

HomePak Term Timer


Setting the character translation mode.  ATARI mode disables the custom font in favor of the system font:

HomePak Term Trans Menu


ATARI mode:

HomePak Term Trans 2


Mini DOS:

HomePak Term MiniDOS




HomePak uses Atari DOS 2.0.  The contents of the disk can be seen in this screenshot:

HomePak Program Files

HomeText, and HomeTerm files are written to standard formatted disks.  HomeFind uses a custom format.  HomeFind data diskettes can not be read by DOS.



HomeText formatting sample:


HomeFind output sample:




Check AtariMania!


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Intro music is an excerpt from a chip tune by Wizwars named 8 Bit Raceway.  It is used under Creative Common license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States.

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