S3E04 Antic HomeCard – Supplement

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This episode features HomeCard, originally released in 1985 by Antic Publishing.  It was developed by Star Systems Software.  It was written by Sparky Starks and Russ Wetmore.

HomeCard in Action


Boot splash:

S3E04 HomeCard Boot


Boot error produced when running with a cart inserted or not enough memory:

S3E04 HomeCard Boot Error


Credits screen.  This is displayed for a few seconds or until you press a key (whichever comes first):

S3E04 HomeCard Intro


Functions Menu

The primary functions menu (before a box or disk is loaded):

S3E04 HomeCard Menu 2


The primary functions menu (after a box or disk is loaded):

S3E04 HomeCard Menu 3


Make New Disk

First confirm the operation:

S3E04 HomeCard Make 1


Insert a blank disk:

S3E04 HomeCard Make 2


Decide if it should be formatted or not:

S3E04 HomeCard Make 3


Give it a box name (up to 16 characters):

S3E04 HomeCard Make 4


Get Another Disk

Put the disk in and confirm:

S3E04 HomeCard Get 1


Card Editing (START Display)

Card box interface.  No card displayed:

S3E04 HomeCard Card 1


Editing the Title card.  It has absolutely no bearing on any of the other cards:

S3E04 HomeCard Card 2


Creating a new card.  The card becomes white with a red title line and blue dividers, and 8 holes at the top:

S3E04 HomeCard Card 3


Editing an existing card, notice the border is now red:

S3E04 HomeCard Card 4


Adding a back to the card.  You are prompted for verification:

S3E04 HomeCard Card 5


Editing the new back:

S3E04 HomeCard Card 5 b


Ripping a hole in the card:

S3E04 HomeCard Card 6



Displaying the scrolling menu which is way to fast to read.  Select the type of match (similar to Find) with Any (OR condition) or Every (AND condition):

S3E04 HomeCard Card 7


Selecting holes (ripping and un-ripping):

S3E04 HomeCard Card 7 b


Browsing the results:

S3E04 HomeCard Card 7 c



Destroy card, enter confirmation:

S3E04 HomeCard Card 8



Select type of find – Any (OR condition) or Every (AND condition):

S3E04 HomeCard Card 9


Enter match criteria:

S3E04 HomeCard Card 9 b


Start the search:

S3E04 HomeCard Card 9 c


Find using holes (3rd hole is ripped):

S3E04 HomeCard Card 9 d



Mark entry with Dialer flag, little telephone icon:

S3E04 HomeCard Card 10


Dialing in progress:

S3E04 HomeCard Card 10 b



Setting the dialer type:

S3E04 HomeCard Opt 1


Setting new box name:

S3E04 HomeCard Opt 2


Setting the output:

S3E04 HomeCard Opt 3

S3E04 HomeCard Opt 4



Documentation menu:

S3E04 HomeCard Doc 1


When sending to the printer, it pauses at the conclusion of each page giving you the opportunity to quit:

S3E04 HomeCard Doc 2


When sending to the screen, it pauses at the end of each displayed page giving you the opportunity to quit:

S3E04 HomeCard Doc 3




HomeCard uses Atari DOS 2.0.  The contents of the program disk can be read, but the data disk can not.





Navigation Chart:


Show Links:

Intro music is an excerpt from a chip tune by Wizwars named 8 Bit Raceway.  It is used under Creative Common license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States.

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