S3E05 MPP MicroFiler – Supplement

This episode features MicroFiler, originally released in 1983 by MPP.  It was written by Jim Harrison.  MicroFiler was somewhat unique in that it was offered on cartridge, and allowed the database to be stored on cassette.

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Box and Supplement Scans

Scan of the front of the package:

Microfiler Box Front


Scan of the back of the package:

MicroFiler Box Back


Scan of cartridge:

MicroFiler Cart


Ad from Compute! magazine, December 1983:



MicroFiler in Action

Main menu:

MicroFiler Menu


Create Database (Data Entry Screen):

MicroFiler Create Screen


Trying to complete the screen without fields defined results in an error:

MicroFiler Create Error


Completed screen with fields defined.  N is numeric, C is character (alpha-numeric, required), blank is character (alpha numeric):

MicroFiler 1 2


Database menu:

MicroFiler 1 3


Entering data (invalid in this example):

MicroFiler Enter


Don’t try to save with the wrong disk in the drive:

MicroFiler 1 4


Displaying the available record memory:

MicroFiler 1 5



The print menu has two options, Print, and Change Format.  You must choose.  Choose wisely:



Enter the filter (search) criteria to restrict the printout:



Printing is complete:

MicroFiler Print 3


For Change Format (custom) printing, you must specify which fields to print.  Part of the selection indicates how to print the field.  Placing a single character at the start of each field to be printed is how it is done.  Put a 0 to 9 to specify the number of spaces to follow the field.  Put an S, D, or T for single, double, or triple line spacing following the field:

MicroFiler Print Custom


For custom format you also choose how many lines between each record:

MicroFiler Print 5


For custom format you also specify the left margin:

MicroFiler Print 6


Retrieve (Find)

The retrieve menu is displayed once chosen.  This must be invoked to get to the change and delete functions as well:

MicroFiler Find 1


Invoking the Search (SCH) option, you must specify what to look for (or filter on):

MicroFiler Find Sch


Result of the search operation.  First record is displayed.  Use FWD, BWD to browse forward and back:

MicroFiler Find 3


Use the Delete (DLT) option to delete the currently displayed record.  There is a confirmation as well:

MicroFiler Delete


Using the SUM option causes each numeric field to be sum’d:

MicroFiler SUM


Likewise for the AVG (average) option:

MicroFiler AVG




MicroFiler creates data disks that can not be read by DOS, at least the directory.  One database is stored per disk (or tape).



“Normal” print sample.  Notice how all data fields are run together:


Custom print sample, with spaces between fields and extra line between records:


Un-modified single record print sample:




Scanned manual:



Show Links:

Bit Rating 5

Intro music is an excerpt from a chip tune by Wizwars named 8 Bit Raceway.  It is used under Creative Common license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States.

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