S4E05 XLEnt Software The Rubber Stamp – Supplement

This episode features The Rubber Stamp, originally released in 1985 by XLEnt Software. It was written by Len Dorfman, Dennis Young, and Randy Dellinger.

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Box and Supplement Scans

The Rubber Stamp front cover:


Rear cover:


Picture of the disk:


Ad from Analog Magazine in August 1985:


Ad from Analog Magazine in January 1986:


Ad from Analog Magazine in June 1986:


The Rubber Stamp in Action

Boot menu:




Main Menu


Load Character Set

Select drive:


Enter filename:





Select drive:

First file:

Having pressed SPACE to autoload, it asks what type of file:



Instructional warning:


Put new disk in:


Wait while formatting:


Sketch Pad Icon Load

Select drive:


Enter filename:


Select quadrant:



Info banner:


Select screen or label:


Sketch Pad Icon Save

Select drive:


Enter filename:


Select quadrant:


Confirm, abort:


Screen Load

Select drive:


Enter filename:


Screen Save

Select drive:


Enter filename:


Text Editor

Empty screen:


Sample screen with multiple effects included:




Slice menu:


Slice turned off:


Graphic Editor

Here the graphic editor has been invoked on a screen full of text.  Note the Star Raiders style cursor:


Adding just a graphic:


Convert Icon



Menu.  Follow the instructions for each option:


Editor 16



Select printer:


Basic editor screen, with menu:


Select character to edit:


Editing the letter A:


Are you sure you want to quit?


Text 16×16





Loading default font:


Screen editor:



Screen designed with 16×16 pixel font:


Save Screen

Select drive:


Enter filename:


Uh oh!  Error!  At least its handled well:



Errors are handled gracefully:

Except this one.  Ooops, something went wrong in Editor 16!:


Back to DOS, why not?:


The Rubber Stamp uses OSS DOS XL 2.30.  Between the two sides there are a number of 8×8 fonts, and one 16×16 font, a number of pictures, DOS, and the program files.



High resolution 16×16 font test:


Low resolution 16×16 font test:


Label output:


Screen dump:




The manual can be found online at AtariMania (see link below).


Show Links:

Intro music is an excerpt from a chip tune by Wizwars named 8 Bit Raceway.  It is used under Creative Common license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States.

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