S7E01 APX Data Management System – Supplement

This episode features APX Data Management System, released in 1982 by APX, originally published in Compute! magazine in Novemeber 1981. It was programmed by Ron & Lynn Marcuse. Podcast: Download Advertising Advertising APX Catalog advertisement. Note that it received a full page and a blue ribbon award: Compute! magazine cover which feature version 1.2 of […]

S6E10 Analog Database – Supplement

This episode features Analog Database, released in 1986 by Analog Computing. It was programmed by Bryan Schappel and Barry Kolbe. Podcast: Download Analog Database in Action Print Output Printing All Fields: Printing Select Fields (2 Fields): Printing Select Fields (All Fields): Show Links AtariMania Analog 86 Issue: https://archive.org/details/analog-computing-magazine-47 Player/Missile Podcast DLI Tutorials: http://playermissile.com/#tutorials FujiNet: https://fujinet.online […]