S6E07 Antic Home Inventory – Supplement

This episode features Home Inventory, released in 1983 by Antic. It was developed by Erv Friedman. Podcast: Download Packaging Front: Inner Front: Inner Back: Back: Home Inventory in Action Print Output Documentation: Listing by Number: Listing by Type: Listing by Room: Depreciation Report: Show Links AtariMania: http://www.atarimania.com/utility-atari-400-800-xl-xe-home-inventory-_32024.html Inverse ATASCII S1 E13 APX Home Inventory: https://inverseatascii.info/2015/03/24/s1e13-apx-home-inventory/

S1E13 APX Home Inventory – Supplement

  This episode features Home Inventory, originally released in 1983 by APX.  It was developed by RLM Micro Systems.  It was programmed by Ronald and Lynn Marcuse, Atari Star Award of Merit winners of January 1982. Podcast: Download Media Scans APX Summer 1983:   Manual Cover:   Home Inventory in Action Boot & Menu Boot Splash:   Boot […]