S4E03 XLEnt Software MegaFont II+ – Supplement

This episode features MegaFont II+, originally released in 1985 by XLEnt Software. It was written by Randy Dellinger and Richard Rognlie. This episode includes an interview with one of the authors – Randy Dellinger. Podcast: Download Box and Supplement Scans MegaFont II + Manual cover:   Megafont II (previous version) Manual cover:   1450XLD Brochure … More S4E03 XLEnt Software MegaFont II+ – Supplement

S3E02 Synapse SynTrend (SynStat, SynGraph) – Supplement

Podcast: Download This episode features SynTrend, originally released in 1983, and again in 1985 by Synapse.  SynTrend is comprised of two titles, SynStat and SynGraph. Box and Supplement Scans Scan of the front of the box:   Scan of the back of the box:   SynStat in Action At boot …   Main Menu:   Manipulate Data … More S3E02 Synapse SynTrend (SynStat, SynGraph) – Supplement