S2E07 Atari Silent Butler – Supplement

This episode features Silent Butler, originally released in 1985 by Atari.  It was developed by Silent Butler Software.  It was programmed by Ted A. Goldstone. Podcast: Download Box and Supplement Scans Scan of the front of the box (notice the report date on the cover):   Scan of the back of the box:   Silent Butler […]

S1E15 Futurehouse The Color Accountant – Supplement

  This episode features The Color Accountant, originally released in 1981 by FutureHouse.  It was developed by Programmers Institute and written by Andrew A. Hock. Podcast: Download Box and Supplement Scans Neither the box nor the manual could be located.   Advertising From Compute! September 1982:   The Color Accountant in Action At boot …   Disk […]