S4E09 Database Software Mini Office II – Supplement

This episode features Mini Office II, originally released in 1987 by Database Software. This was a UK productivity suite release. Podcast: Download Box and Supplement Scans The box cover:   Ad from February 1989:     Mini Office II in Action Booting Splash screen:   When booting from 130XE, a RAM disk is installed:   […]

S3E03 Batteries Included HomePak – Supplement

Podcast: Download This episode features HomePak, originally released in 1984 by Batteries Included. ┬áIt was developed by Star Systems Software, Inc., and written by Russ Wetmore. Box and Supplement Scans Scan of the front of the folder:   Scan of the front of the folder inside:   Scan of the back of the folder:   […]