S2E03 LJK Spell Perfect – Supplement

This episode features Spell Perfect, originally released in 1982 by LJK Enterprises.  It was designed by Ken Leonhardi.

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Box and Supplement Scans

Scan of the front of the manual:

Spell Perfect Manual Cover


Advertisement that won a Clio award:

Spell Perfect Ad (Clio)


Spell Perfect in Action

At boot first set the disk for your files.  Feel free to use drive 3 if you want, it supports more than 2 drives:

Spell Perfect Init 1


Next set the disk for the dictionary:

Spell Perfect Init 2


Last, set the density of the drive:

Spell Perfect Init 3


Main menu (looks and acts like Letter Perfect and Data Perfect):

Spell Perfect Main Menu


Main Menu – Spell

First choose a file to spell check:

Spell Perfect Spell 1


File is loaded, then scanning will begin:

Spell Perfect Spell 2 Load


If the dictionary disk is not inserted in the configured dictionary drive each word will generate an error:

Spell Perfect Spell 3 Scan


Once scanning is started mis-spelled words are highlighted and showing in context.  You are prompted on what to do about it:

Spell Perfect Spell 2 Options



Editing the mis-spelled word via Change menu item:

Spell Perfect Spell 3 Edit


Using the Match menu item to find a words correct spelling.  This is the match menu:

Spell Perfect Spell 4 Match Menu


Selecting a replacement word using the Sel(ect) option of the Match menu:

Spell Perfect 5 Match Sel


After selecting the replacement word from the options, it is placed in the change editor.  Edit it to further refine or press RETURN to accept it:

Spell Perfect Spell 6 Match Sel Word


Once the entire document is proofed, you are prompted to save it, give it a new name or use the same name:

Spell Perfect Spell 7 Save


Main Menu – File

The file menu acts as a mini-DOS.  It also has a Save function in case the proofed document could not be saved at proof conclusion due to disk error:

Spell Perfect File Menu


Main Menu – Dictionary

The dictionary menu allows for the addition and deletion of words from the dictionary.  The print option allows for printing pages of the dictionary:

Spell Perfect Dictionary Menu



First enter the word to add:

Spell Perfect Dict Add 1


It is added to a list of words to add, up to 32 at a time:

Spell Perfect Dict Add 2


Pressing RETURN without input completes the additions.  Any words that were not added (due to duplication) will be listed under the “words unused” section:

Spell Perfect Dict Add 3



Delete works just like Add.  Enter the word to delete:

Spell Perfect Dict Del 1


It is added to a list of words to delete, up to 32 at a time:

Spell Perfect Dict Del 2


After pressing RETURN with no input, the menu is given.  You can modify the list of words, commit, or quit:

Spell Perfect Dict Del 3


This word was not in the dictionary and thus not able to be deleted.  So it is shown under the “words unused” section:

Spell Perfect Dict Del 4


Main Menu – Change System

This works just like init.  See above.


Main Menu – Quit

When choosing quit, insert a boot disk to boot it:

Spell Perfect Quit




Spell Perfect uses a proprietary disk format.  Though an official LJK DOS does not exist, you can consider it as such.



Printing a single dictionary page:


Printing all dictionary pages:


PDF of entire Version 1 dictionary (words only):


PDF of entire Version 6 dictionary (words only):


Show Links:




Intro music is an excerpt from a chip tune by Wizwars named 8 Bit Raceway.  It is used under Creative Common license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States.

2 thoughts on “S2E03 LJK Spell Perfect – Supplement

  1. Hi,
    Another excellent review! I like the fact that you are uploading to both AtariMania and InternetArchive. Personally, I prefer AtariMania interface to InternetArchive. It is much easier to navigate.
    The comparisons you do between similar products are often, in this case between Atari Proof Reader, and Spell Perfect, are very helpful.
    Alison’s vacation seems to have helped her. She sounds great, and a bit more relaxed. She didn’t insult you once. ;) I did not notice the volume differences she mentioned.
    I was wandering what happened to versions 2 to 5 of Spell Perfect? Didn’t Letter Perfect also have these missing versions?
    Can’t wait for the next episode!!

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback!
      Its good to hear the volume differences didn’t make it through to the listener. I spent a lot of time time adjusting different pieces to get them what I thought was equivalent.
      I believe there are versions 2 through 5 in existence. I, however, could not locate and did not have access to them. If you ever see me skip a version of anything, that is why.
      Glad your enjoying the show. Next show is about 2 weeks out. Research is done. I just need to record and edit. Thanks Kevin!

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