S2E20 Atari The Bookkeeper – Supplement

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This episode features The Bookkeeper, originally released in 1982 by Atari.

Box and Supplement Scans

Scan of the front of the box:

Bookkeeper Front


Scan of the back of the box:

Bookkeeper Back


The Bookkeeper in Action


Bookkeeper Boot 1

Bookkeeper Boot 2


Main Menu

The main menu before Start Up has been completed.  Note company code is XXXXXX:

Bookkeeper Main Menu


Entering an invalid code:

Bookkeeper Invalid


Main menu after Start Up has been completed.  Note Company Code is valid:

Bookkeeper Main Post Setup



The start up menu options are purple.


Bookkeeper Setup 1


Edit Company Code:

Bookkeeper Setup 2


Edit As Of Date (note it is not Y2K compliant, you must use a day compatible year):

Bookkeeper Setup 3

Bookkeeper Setup 4


Edit ID Line:

Bookkeeper Setup 5


Data Entry

The Data Entry screens are all dark blue.

Once the program loads, you are prompted to insert your data disk:

Bookkeeper Entry 13



Bookkeeper Entry 1


Enter Checks Written

Enter checks in batches up to 50:

Bookkeeper Entry 2

Bookkeeper Entry 3

Bookkeeper Entry 4


And make sure data disk is in drive and formatted:

Bookkeeper Entry 5


Enter Cash Received

Enter cash received in batches up to 50 as well:

Bookkeeper Entry 6

Bookkeeper Entry 7


Enter Invoices Written

Enter invoices written in batches up to 50 as well:

Bookkeeper Entry 8

Bookkeeper Entry 9

Bookkeeper Entry 10


Enter General Journal:

Bookkeeper Entry 11



If an error occurs, it is handled well:

Bookkeeper Entry 12



The maintenance screens are all light blue.


Bookkeeper Maint 1


Add, Change, Delete GL Accounts

A submenu of 5 options is used to control which function to perform:

Bookkeeper Maint 2


Submenu 1 (Display GL Account):

Bookkeeper Maint 3


Submenu 2 (Change GL Account):

Bookkeeper Maint 4


Submenu 3 (Add GL Accounts):

Bookkeeper Maint 5


Submenu 4 (Delete GL Account):

Bookkeeper Maint 6


Submenu 5 (Scroll GL Accounts):

Bookkeeper Maint 7

Bookkeeper Maint 8

Bookkeeper Maint 9


Add, Change Control Information

Bookkeeper Maint 10


Add, Change, Delete Customers

Works much like Add, Change, Delete GL Accounts.

Bookkeeper Maint 11


Add, Change, Delete Vendors

Works much like Add, Change, Delete GL Accounts.

Bookkeeper Maint 12


Add, Change Invoice Prompts

These are the journal entries that will be prompted during invoice creation:

Bookkeeper Maint 13



The reporting menu is much like the main program (data entry) menu, though uses slightly different color scheme.  Note that each function across the main program and the reporting program each has a unique color.


When choosing the reporting menu from the data entry (main) program, it must be loaded from disk and that means a disk swap:

Bookkeeper Reporting Load Swap



Bookkeeper Report Menu


List Journals

Bookkeeper List Journal 1


Recording And Period Processing


Bookkeeper Period 1


61 – Recording:

Bookkeeper Period 2


81 – End Of Month:

Bookkeeper Period 3

Bookkeeper Period 4


82 – End Of Fiscal Year:

Bookkeeper Period 5

Bookkeeper Period 6


Print Lists


Bookkeeper Print Lists


Data Entry

This takes you back to the data entry (main) program.  Swap the disks to proceed:

Bookkeeper Data Entry




The Bookkeeper appears to use Atari DOS 2.0.  The files are shown in the screenshot below:

Bookkeeper Files



Checks Written:


Cash Received:


Invoices Written:


General Journal:


General Ledger:


Profit and Loss Statement:


Trial Balance:


Balance Sheet:


General Ledger Account List:


Customer (Numeric) List:


Customer (Alphabetic) List:


Vendor (Numeric) List:


Vendor (Alphabetic) List:




A scanned copy of the manual is available on AtariMania and other web sources.


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Intro music is an excerpt from a chip tune by Wizwars named 8 Bit Raceway.  It is used under Creative Common license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States.

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